Paramapadham - "Paramapadham" is Snakes and Ladders in English; it was created in ancient India. It is also known as Parama Pada Sopanam means Steps to the Highest Place (where Parama Pada means highest place and Sopanam means steps).

Paramapadham was inspired by religion; and was believed to be symbolic of a man's attempt to reach God. The ladders represent virtues and the snakes represent vices.


- After rolling the dice (Thayam), a player can start moving the coin only when he/she get 1 for the first time.
- If the coin reaches the box with a ladder bottom end, then it climbs the ladder and go to box, where the top of the ladder ends and continue from there.
- If the coin reaches the box with the face of the snake, then it comes down to the box, where the snake tail ends and continue from there.
- The player gets an another turn to roll the dice (Thayam), if he/she gets 1, 5, 6, 12.
- After reaching 132nd box, from there on the player has to roll the dice to get 1 to move the coin from one box to another.
- The winner of the game is the one who first reaches the last box or step, which is called "Parama Pada Sopanam".

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