PiyoPiyo Chess



Petit Japanese Chess Game using Animal Pieces.
Incidentally, the "PiyoPiyo" is Chick cries in Japan.

How to move pieces
Chick --- moves forward one step
Chick moves other end, chick becomes Chicken
Chicken --- moves one step without diagonal backward
Elephant --- moves one step in diagonal directions
Giraffe --- moves one step to right and left, up, down
Lion --- moves one step anywhere

How to strike pieces
You can strike the piece to empty cells of a board where you take a piece.

How to win
(1) You catch (take) a other Lion, or
(2) You try (move to other end) your Lion,
where your Lion is NOT taken after try.

You can learn a game rule if you play a game.
Let's enjoy playing the PiyoPiyo Chess !

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