Sistance's Explode!



Sistance's Explode! is a turn based strategy game for two players. Each player tries to wipe out his (or her) enemy from the board.

You can play against other human players on the same device (hot seat mode) or against an AI.

And you can earn achievements since version 2.0!

The game is similar to games like Chess, Draughts, Reversi or Nine Men's Morris and requires some tactical and strategical thinking.

In Draughts you can upgrade some of your tokens. This concept is much more important in Sistance's Explode!, because you cannot move your stars to attack the enemy's ones.

Instead you conquer free or enemy fields when you upgrade your stars. If done so a star will exlopde, loose some of its value, but conquer and increase the star's value directly next to it (horizontal and vertical, but not diagonal.)

The game is also similar to Reversi, because you are able to conquer enemy fields. This is a vital concept, because strong enemy fields remain strong and are upgraded by your exploding star next to it. While you only conquer the fields directly next to an exploding star, this explosion can create a chain reaction, where many stars next to each other explode, too.

In chess you have many different types of counters. This game is similar but not the same. Here every token starts with the same value (1) and can be upgraded five times to become a stronger version. This can be done only once in Draughts, if a non upgraded piece reaches the king's row. And in Chess only pawns can be "upgraded" (which is called promotion).

If you cannot set a counter in Reversi, you have to skip your turn. This isn't possible in Sistance's Explode: If you cannot upgrade one of your stars, you don't have any star. And this means you have lost the game. But like in Reversi there are some special situations where you would like not to have to make your turn. This is a bit special, but you will find such situations soon.

The AI is far not as strong as good AIs for Chess, Draughts or Nine Men's Morris, but it's a beginning.

Don't hesitate to write me an e-mail if you find a bug or have some suggestions about the gameplay.

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