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Taboom - Taboo with bombs's review


Just like the classic party game Taboo with an explosive twist

  • Fun, free party game
  • Tons of words
  • Smart taboos
  • Outtdated design

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"Explosive word gaming"


In the classic party game Taboo, you must get your team to guess a word without using any of the commonly associated words listed just below (for example, try getting someone to say "Android" without "Asimov," "Google," "mobile," "smartphone, or "iPhone"!). In Taboom, it's just the same - but with bombs! Every so often one of the cards will have a ticking time bomb associated with it, and you must successfully get your team to guess the word within the time limit or your whole round is OVER. The suspense! The pressure! The sheer combustibility! It's a great little party game.


It's a free, fun party game. The "taboo" words are super well-chosen, which means getting your team to successfully guess the word in question is a real challenge.


The design is chintzy. It doesn't impede you from playing in any way, but heck, it could use a makeover.

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Nov 02, 2015

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