Talisman: Prologue

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    Talisman: Prologue's review

    Published: 2014-03-17, by Peter Warrior.

    The mighty board game on Android

    • Talisman essence (4th edition, though)
    • Near everlasting replayability
    • No lite or trial version

    "Back to where we learned what a vorpal sword meant"

    Spit on your Heroquest. Old school roleplayers know that Heroquest was a late product, fruit of marketing decisions. The original board game for dungeon crawlers was Talisman, a name so much time forgotten and that raises back now on your device. For those of you who don't know what Talisman is (or was), let's keep this clear: it was the most D&D-esque board game. In fact, it was a little bit too much flipped out, and things get quickly out of hand when you add the four expansion corners and was played by four experienced players. In hindsight, game balance wasn't as in vogue as it pretends to be nowadays. Some will tell that modern games such as Munchkin inherit mainly from Talisman, and I won't disagree (when a Munchkin mobile game?)

    Aside of the vast amount of quests and stuff (they won't ever be enough, we want more of everything), game's fun on its own. As cards are randomly drawn, it's improbable that two different games look alike. In addition, the basics are carefully explained, so fret not if you aren't a Talisman player or were one too much time ago. In the end, it's all about roaming a board, kill monsters and advance levels, as if it were a parcheesi on steroids.

    Thumbstar games hasn't a name in lite gaming, so don't look for a free version. If the board game was unaffordable with your weekly pay when you were a kid, you have to poke your pockets and gather $5 to play it on-screen now. Of course, you can also run to the toy shop and spend $40 for the board game (more than $100 including expansions, let's hope this expansions are included in the mobile game sooner than later too)

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