Test your logic in a galaxy where everything is moving.

TrikSpace is a variant of the classic "Cat, Tic Tac Toe, OXO, etc".

Each player has only three planets, will take turns putting the idea to get three in a single line.

The difference with the classical variant, it is permitted to move any record itself adjacent to a free position, the game never ends in a draw.

You must find the winning strategy that enables the contrary (Other human or an AI that will increase your level while you are winning more games).

Children: Development of skills (deductive reasoning, pattern recognition, strategic thinking)
Adults: Stress and logic test
Tests your logic in a galaxy where everything is moving, you must align three planets in the stars of the constellation, Gynoid or a UFO Will Try to Stop You and Your Ideas (anti stress game).

[OPPONENT AI (Artificial Intelligence)]

Gynoid (female android) based on human attitudes
Gynoid play easy, medium or hard,according to your preparation
While more games you win, Gynoid will play better
Advanced intelligences, not won to Gynoid before the first 3 movements.
Average intelligence, not won to Gynoid before the first 5 games...

[not just a game, it is a way to keep]

- Sequential thought
- Pattern recognition
- Deductive reasoning
- Strategic thinking

TriKspace is FREE!

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