Addition Magic



Addition Magic is a simple and addictive puzzle game.
You can try this puzzle if you are fan of Sudoku or any other challenging puzzles.It is full of challenge.

This application has two puzzles:
1. Square 3*3:The goal is to get 15 across rows, columns and diagonal.
2. Square 4*4:The goal is to get 34 across rows, columns and diagonal.

=== FEATURES ===
* Two modes : Mode 3*3 and Mode 4*4
* 5 different levels each increasing in complexity.
* Option to resume the game where you last left
* History of each level

=== HOW TO PLAY ===
* Place 1 to 9 or 1 to 16 numbers anywhere on the board such that the sum of all rows, columns and diagonals is 15! or 34!
* Tap on a cell to choose a number.
* Long press a cell to either clear it or move/swap with other cell.

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