Ale Room Escape




    A person enters an ale room just to drink and have fun. He exceeds his limit of consuming alcohol. He falls asleep. Once he wakes up, is surprised to see that he is left alone and locked up inside. Lets help him to get out of that place by using simple tools.

    Here is the hint
    Get the wine bottle which is near the oil bottle on the shelf.
    Take the knob and opener from the cupboard.
    Get the mug behind the juicer.
    Click on the wine bottle in the inventory panel and drag the mug to it.
    Drag the opener from the inventory panel to open the bottle.
    Click on the bottle to pour wine into the mug, get the key. Close the window.
    Get the ashtray from the table. Click it again from the inventory panel.
    Click on the ashtray and get the green color key. Close the window.
    Click to zoom the champagne bottles which is in the upper shelf on right side.
    Get the red color key from there.
    Get the crumpled paper which is on the floor near the stool.
    Click the paper in the panel to open and click again to zoom.
    See the lock code number 3542 and order of colors Yellow, Red and Green.
    Click on the locker which is near the cupboard.
    Enter the number 3542, then drag the keys one by one in as in the color clue.
    Drag the knob from the panel to attach in the locker and click on the locker to open.
    You will see a key. Get it.
    Use that key to open the door.

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