Banana Monkey Adventure

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    Help the monkey get his banana!
    The goal of this addictive and fun application is to cut the ropes so that the monkey can get the banana.
    To cut the rope just slash it with your finger... And physics will do the rest!
    Sounds easy? Prove it!
    In the part where you need to cut the rope you need to pay extra attention, and consider all factors like the gravity.
    But be careful with the monsters, you want to bring him safely!
    Don't forget the banana is considered a fruit, so lets cut the rope like a real ninja.
    Consider yourself the samurai, ninja, soldier that is cutting the rope. Take out your pocket knife so we can put this fruit in the mouth of the snail.
    With an amazing interface and graphics as well as the use of real physics this game app is going to keep you hooked from the beginning! Make sure you don't cut all the rope at the same time. To cut the rope slide your finger form one side to the other side of the rope.

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