Bling Bling Sichuan Province



Lost half a second!
Existing Auditory Forget!

The trend now Babe!
Babe of the half chatahrat ~!

Sangkeum youthful smiles Blast ~ ~
Sichuan Province Bling Bling! Lightning release!

★ Who Sichuan Province funny I do not know?
Bling Bling Sichuan castle fun I ~ ~ ~-free fun!
Sangkom sweet character with Sichuan Province Immerse yourself in the world!

★ more fit cute cute ~ ~!
Powerful charm that can not be stopped!
My hands go cute ~ L! Hard map Stage 600 colorful ~!
Exciting sound!

★ Grade Sichuan Province
Special unusual pleasure of bouncing mode!
Stage time UP! Combo & Fever Time UP! Challenge Mode OPEN!

Achieve ★ World No. 1! Bling Bling Sichuan Province In all my dreams come true!
Worldwide users and confrontation can add a ranking system!

Entertain Sichuan Province bout!
★ Sichuan Province supports a variety of game modes!

Depends on the characteristics L Mahjong ★ 5 different game systems

★ 600 cute and charming rich maps and images of a variety of Mahjong L

Items ★ variety of mixing (L, hints, magnifying glass, bombs) to buy

Stage hydrothermal ★ locked in a variety of key items

Challenges due to ★ 100 more than the game's purpose

★ challenges to achieve various rewards system

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