Block Puzzle 2013



Block Puzzle is a fun puzzle game that's a cross between Tetris® and Tangrams. The rules of Block Puzzle are quite simple: drag Tetris®-like blocks around the screen to FIT them into the shaded region. The pieces cannot be rotated.
700 PUZZLES ! The game is inspired by Tetris® and Tangram. Some say it's better than Tetris®. Judge for yourself: try it now for free!

- the previous version was called Phit Droid
- 700 unique puzzles with progressive difficulty
- every puzzle has EXACTLY ONE and ONLY ONE solution

"HELP !! I CANT STOP PLAYING !!! Now I see everything around me as Tetris® blocks :D This is really the best app I ever installed .. you MUST install it right now if you haven't done that yet."
review by nhso

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