Brain Memory Games



There are a few brain memory games for kids are available in the shops and the kids just love to play with these games. Now you can also get your kids the brain memory games that they can enjoy through the brain memory games Android app. The features of this app are:
Step 1: - You can opt for your cards from the hidden pictures
Step 2: - You can match all card combinations
Step 3: - You will find several difficulty levels here
Step 4: - The grid regulates to your device automatically
Step 5: - Multicolored logos to easily remember those

After matching, only the matched pair will remain on the board and other unmatched pairs will remain hidden. The other features of this app are:
• The ability to visit various social network websites where you can also post your comments
• Unrestricted and unlimited access to the free games download through “more game menu”
• Get some eye-catching sales offers in “push notification” page.
• Ability to use various free applications by going through the free apps menu