Breaking Bad - Tidbit Trivia



How well do you know Breaking Bad? Breaking Bad - Tidbit Trivia tests your knowledge of everything Breaking Bad with over 300 questions, ranging from pretty easy to freaking tough!

As a bonus, many of the questions unlock trivia tidbits that provide an assortment of interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the making of the show or the actors who play your favorite characters!

Here's what people are saying about Tidbit Trivia:

"Tidbit Trivia is so great it's like an onion. It makes me wanna cry" -- Hank S.

"Tidbit Trivia is almost as good as pancakes." -- Walter J.

"It's a steal." -- Marie S.

"It's the best, with just the right amount of dirty." -- Saul G.

"I'm the one who knocks." -- W.W.


** More than 300 Breaking Bad questions, covering the entire first four seasons, ranging from easy to hard!

** 27 unlockable trivia tidbits about the making of the show!

** Record your high scores and unlock achievements along the way!

NOTE: This is an unofficial Breaking Bad trivia game, but complies with all copyright laws under Fair Use. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with AMC in any way.