Bridge constructed by Super




    The bridge structure (Bridge Constructor), is a transplant from IOS platform physics puzzle game, iPad and iPhone game standings in 30 countries, he has ranked first iPad app in 24 countries ranked a free version in the world has more than 3.5 million downloads. In the game, you do not need to go through any formal training to become a skilled bridge architects. A total of 30 different levels, a bridge can be built on in the deep valleys, ditches or rivers. The stress test can show that you built bridge is able to withstand the daily car and truck consecutive RCC. You can select for each segment bridges of different materials, such as wood, steel bar, wire rope or concrete pillars. The use of appropriate materials and to ensure compliance with the budget, in order to build a perfect bridge. Can choose a variety of materials, it is possible in many ways to the construction of the bridge - the only limit is your budget. Full play to your imagination and creativity!

    Tags: 桥梁建筑师