Catch Catch Memory



Do you want to check your memory?

Let's play new Catch Catch Memory.


● Very easy game mode to play with one finger touching

● Circles appear randomly.

● Catch Catch - Memory support themes.
- Lists: paper, footprint, universe themes
- Let's change a theme at top of home screen.

● Items added at the store.
- Lists: Continue, Time, Hint Items
- You can purchase these items at the store, then you can enjoy the game more fun.

❏ Gameplay

● Level Cleared!
- Touch circles appeared randomly, then you can go to the next level.

● To Get Coins
- Touch coins and circles in regular sequence, then you can get coins.

● To Use Items
- Continue: You can continue the game at the end point by using this item.
- Time: You can get additional time by using this item.
- Hint: This item shows the answer to you.

❏ Store

● Now you can buy coins at store.

● Let's use coins to buy items.

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