Classroom Killer




    Six stickmen, kill them one by one. Remember, do not let anyone alive see another stickman die.

    Level 1
    1. Close the windows in the bottom right room
    2. Click the person to the right in the same room
    3. Click the hole in the bottom corner of the screen Same room
    4. Once the man has tripped over and went back into his room, click the mouse hole again
    5. Once the man walked around in front of the room, click on him and he will fall over and die.
    6.Click on the black bottle in the top right room
    7. Click on the door leading into that room
    8. Click on the person against the board with the stick in the top left room
    9. Once he is in the top middle room click the light, that will fall on him.
    10. Click on the bell the people in the top right room will blow up
    11. Once the person in the top left room pulls on the door when he is leaning back, click on the fan and it will fall on them.
    12. Click on the mouse hole again, the mouse will die

    Level 2
    1. Click the bird in the top room
    2. Click cracked glass
    3. Click on the middle bit of the floor just above the tree, the white bit and the tree will start flashing
    4. Click on the person next to the tree almost behind it
    5. Click on the person in the bottom room
    6. Click on the person in the tree
    7. Click the person in the tree again once the man on the ground walks to the bottom of the ladder.
    8. Click on the branch above the man behind the tree
    9. Click on the man furthest to the left in the middle room.
    10. Once he gets to the ground floor click on the first tree

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