Collect slowly



Go slow project was derived from the East! We will slowly disappear, I "Collect" slow puzzle game, use your head a little.

Rules are simple!
I just go slowly erased by selecting two or more continuous with left, right, up, and down.
I am a high score the greater the number of slowly unfold.
There is a quota for each stage did he score, it is game over if you do not clear the quota.
Stage 25 all stages.
The number and type of increases should proceed slowly.
Middle, and the end I will be easier if you save the score in the initial quota because it is cumulative.
I would think there is no time limit, so slowly!

So you can see and post to Twitter of scores, the scores of others who posted to Twitter, you can check their level of how much or what! (Without the cheat)

Models tested
XPERIAarc (SO-01C)

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