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CopyCat Simon is a simple memory game based on the classic Simon board game.

  • Challenging
  • Speed and timeout mode can be set
  • Local and online leaderboards
  • Design
  • No multiplayer or 2players hot seat mode
  • No achievements

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"Keep your brain fit"

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Have you ever played Simon? Well, this is basically its Android version, set in a minimalist layout. Gameplay is really simple: you'll be given a sequence of colors (and sound) you must repeat. Each round, a new color will be added to the sequence, so it'll get harder and harder to beat. Since each of the four colors is associated to a sound, CopyCat helps you to exercise both, visual and sound memory.

There's only one game mode: survival. When you miss the sequence, the game is over. You'll get a score (the number of rounds you survive) that can be submitted on local and online global leaderboards. Likewise, you can set some parameters to make the game more challenging. From settings you can set a timeout mode, speed, button style, tones, or buzzer volume.

The game is challenging and entertaining. It should be enhanced though in some regards. For example, we are missing a 2 (or more) players mode in-device (hot-seat) or even a multiplayer online mode. Likewise, the game can be improved regarding interface and design, as well as add different game mode and unlockable achievements to make it more playable. njoyed by all ages.

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