Creepy Escape



Here is a creepy room full of skulls and blood. You have to escape immediately.
Maybe take the following clues as reference.

Get the scroll from the skeleton arm in the view, zoom out.
Click the square skull, click the eyes and note the clue no.4, zoom out.
Click the triangle skull, click the hair and note the clue no. 5, zoom out.
Click the diamond skull, click the mouth and note the clue no. 6, zoom out.
Click the pentagon skull, click the scarf and note the clue no. 3, zoom out.
Now click the scroll to open a new window.
Click it again and note the color and number of items, close window
Multiply the numbers from the skull and the scroll. The clue is 24,20,18,15.
Click the door and the enter the clue no.24,20,18,15, click it again to go inside.
Get the eye ball from the skeleton and note the clues on the wall. Go right.
Get the whisker from the cat on the left, zoom out.
Get the flame torch from the right wall. Go left.
Click the dark portion on the left to go inside.
Click the door on the wall and change the direction of the arm which you found on the wall, get the manuscript leaf, zoom out.
Click the pumpkins on the floor and place the manuscript leaf on the hole behind the pumpkins.
Note the directions of the bat, zoom out.
Click the door on the right and enter the directions of the bat you found.
Click the wall to go inside.
Click the table, get the axe and magic liquid.
Open the second drawer, get the knife.
Now change the direction of the skull on the first drawer which you found on the wall, get the fish and zoom out.
Click the fish to open a new window, drag the knife to it, get the fish head, close window.
Click the skull shelf on the left, drag the axe to it. Note that the firewood are added to your inventory, zoom out.
Click the pot on the floor, place the firewood under the pot, drag the flame torch to it.
Now put the liquid, cat whisker, eye ball, fish head one by one.
Now put the liqiud pot inside the pot, zoom out.