Cristiano Ronaldo Game 15




    Beautiful variant of the game of 15 dedicated to football champion Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Three game modes :
    Easy: with all the numbers on the cards
    Middle : with some numbers on the cards
    Difficult: no number on the cards
    Have fun in the shortest time possible to reconstruct the image of your favorite champion !
    The game of fifteen is a classic puzzle game created in 1874 by the postman to Canastota (New York) Noyes Palmer Chapman [1] and popularized in 1880 by Samuel Loyd . The game consists of a multiplication table of square shape, usually made of plastic , divided into four rows and four columns (so 16 positions) , on which are positioned 15 square tiles , numbered consecutively from 1 . The cards can scroll horizontally or vertically, but their movement is obviously limited by the existence of a single blank space. The purpose of the game is to reorder the tiles after they have been " mixed " in a random manner ( the position to be reached is the one with the number 1 in the top left and the other numbers to follow from left to right and top to bottom , until 15 followed by the empty box ) .