Dragon Rising for Facebook


Dragon Rising for Facebook's review

by Peter Warrior

A mix of match-3 game and RPG dueling

  • Overall, nothing special
  • It adds nothing to the FB game

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"Let the dragon rise..."

In order to reach all the possible players, and letting them to play no matter where they are, Happy Elements released this version of Dragon Rising for mobile devices, though it's more an app than a game, even though you can play with it of course. In fact, it's exactly the same Facebook game, point by point, enclosed in an app so mobile players can play against computer players. It's nice, because it multiplies players, but it's also a lost chance to add something beyond and make the game richer.

if you haven't ever played the Facebook game, but like bubble blasting games (y'know, match three to clear'em) and are ready to take a step further, Dragon Rising will be your next favorite game. Otherwise, move away.

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by Peter , Appszoom

May 28, 2013

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