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Clear the board from the droplets

  • Entertaining
  • Fun to play
  • Design could be improved
  • No tutorial

"Swipe, fling"

In DROPLETS your goal is to clear all the droplets from the screen by flinging them into other droplets. You need to swipe your finger towards the direction you want and then it will move and make the droplet disappear.

There are 100 levels available and the challenge increases as you advance through the game. It's basically a puzzle game and even though we've seen it many times before, it's equally enjoyable if you're into this kind of casual puzzle games. The design could be improved and at first we could use a short tutorial that explains the objective of the game and how it really works, as it's not that easy to figure it out and the gameplay is not the typical.

XIMAD is the developer of DROPLETS, its sequels for TV and other many applications for Android available in the market. If you enjoy casual puzzle games you can try this one but it's not really different to other similar apps. Maybe adding new features would be better for the game.

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Sep 27, 2012

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