Elfen Lied puzzles



Please take your time and spend several unforgettable minutes playing our Jigsaw Puzzles – Game «Elfen Lied» which contains a lot of high quality and awesome pictures-frames from well-known famous cartoon. All pictures are bright, colorful, unusual and unique.
Elfen Lied revolves around the interactions, views, emotions, and differences between human beings and the Diclonii, a mutant species similar to humans in build but distinguishable by two horns on their heads and "vectors", transparent telekinetically controlled arms that have the power to manipulate and cut objects within their reach. The series is centered on the teenage Diclonius girl "Lucy" who was rejected by human beings and subsequently wants revenge.
Each puzzle is built from a high quality image selected manually and contains a beautiful piece of art.

***Available features of the game***

- A lot of beautiful images.
- Multiple difficulty levels.
- Set as a wallpaper.
- Save to SD feature.
- Images gallery and manual difficulty selection.
- Supports high resolution screen
- Multi-language translation.
- The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

Download «Elfen Lied» Jigsaw Puzzle game, choose your picture and enjoy solving puzzles together with your family!
Brainteasers available for all ages, but first of all for children. Many different modes in the game will keep you excited and entertained for a long time. Also your kids will enjoy these brainteasers. Certainly, you will receive a lot of stupendous positive emotions!