Escape From Ghost House




    Scooby is trapped in the Coolsonian Museum. Help him find his way through three exibit halls before he ends up on permanent display. Click on things in the rooms to find and use dues. Use your head to sleuth an escape. Good luck

    Remove a candle from the candelabrum.
    Ignite the candle in the flaming skull costume display. Click the display red button to activate.
    Place the lighted candle back in the candelabrum. Click the candelabrum to place it on the pulley.
    Click the red seance room tablecloth to reveal three foot pedals. Click the center pedal to activate the pulley.
    Read and remember the date marked on the calendar. This is the combination for the safe behind the wall mirror in the prop room. Get the key inside the safe and open the door.
    Analyze the wall patterns and fill in the missing tiles on four puzzles
    Puzzle 1 Tiles are arranged in repeating sequence of symbols
    Puzzle2 There is a jigsaw puzzle with tiles, Select the three tiles that will line up with the surrounding tiles to complete the image.
    Puzzle 3 Tiles are arranged in clusters of four. Each of the tiles in a cluster is a mirror image of the tiles next to it.
    Puzzle 4 Tiles are arranged in a random sequence of colors. For the missing tiles, look at the color pattern, symbol shape does not matter
    Remove the CD from the stone tableau covering the tile wall
    Turn on the CD player and place the CD onto the player tray. Note the sequence of animal sounds.
    Click the animal mummies in the order played on the CD. Click the reset lever if you need to start the sequence over.
    You then need to escape through the Present Day Zombies display case.
    First remove the bone club from the CroZombie display case. Smash the glass of all other display cases.
    Click the foreground boot in the Zombies in the future case. Remove the coin.
    Click the floor mounted power supply box of the Dark Ages Zombie case. Use the coin to unscrew the cover plate. Remove the red wire. This game requires Flash Player to run

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