Escape from Puzzle Room




    New Puzzle Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Admire Games. Can you hear a screaming voice? Well its the young girls voice who is crying for help from the puzzle room. Therefore lets help her to find a way out by using smart techniques and solve the puzzles.

    Here is the hint
    1.Get puzzle below the cushion on the bed
    2.Get the duck at bedside
    3.Move away the central trophy and get the puzzle below
    4.Move the pieces on the picture of wall to make a complete picture, then get the puzzle Inside
    5.Open the drawers of the wardrobe and get the puzzle in the last drawer
    6.Press on the picture on the wall, and change the colours to the order of the vase,blue, pink, green, purple
    7.Get the puzzle board inside
    8.Move away the phone on the desk and get the puzzle below
    9.Get the red book on the cupboard
    10.Press on the wing of the duck and get the puzzle inside
    11.Press on the red book and flip the pages, get the puzzle
    12.Arrange the pieces of the picture on the wall, get the key inside
    13.Use the key to activate the bear on the floor, then get the puzzle fell off
    14.Get the puzzle from the clock
    15.Put the pieces of puzzle to the puzzle board to form a complete picture
    16.Remember the number 6976 on the picture, this is the password of the cupboard, and get the object inside
    17.Press on the object to open a new window
    18.Press the red button and a piece of puzzle comes out
    19.Put the pieces to corresponding position to form a complete picture
    20.Get the key to open the door


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