Escape from the Dinosaur

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    Escape from the Dinosaur

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    An archaeologist is researching in the woods. Suddenly, he sees a dinosaur! He has to find the clues and objects seek help from the rescue team.

    Click tent, get the wire.
    Click bedroll, get flashlight
    Click flashlight, open battery cover, get the batteries.
    Click archaeologist, open his bag, get Glue and Low Noise Block.
    Click Tape recorder
    Click the skull behind, get the sellotape
    Click the mist Get the rod
    Click the Rucksack on the left, open it, get the transmitter.
    Get cable pin from near the bones.
    Get pliers behind those bones.
    Click tape recorder, eject the cassette, get it.
    Click the cassette, drag the glue to the tape.
    Click tape recorder. Insert the cassette and click tape recorder
    Open the battery cover, replace the damaged batteries.
    Close battery cover. Click the tape recorder
    Click play button, get tape recorder
    go right, click the footprint near the axe.
    place rod to car battery. Get it.
    get the wire on the left,
    Click the antenna, click it thrice.
    Click the wire ,attach the cable pin.
    drag and place the pliers to tighten the cable pin.
    Drag sellotape and tape the cable pin. Get wire.
    Click antenna, place low noise block on it.
    Drag transmitter and place it in front of antenna.
    place car battery near the transmitter.
    Place tape recorder in between transmitter and car battery.
    place the wire to the antenna, another wire to the car battery.
    Click the ends of the wires.
    Click tuner to change frequency to 115.2 to send message to control room.
    Wait for rescue team to come to rescue the archaeologist.

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