Famous People Quiz




    How many famous people you know? There are famous people in different domains who have contributed rich for the advancement of human civilization for which we are at today’s place. This famouspeoplequiz will help you in knowing your knowledge about famous people of the world. It is a quiz app suitable for growing children as well as their guardians. The app will offer you

    • Interesting and multifaceted questions about famous people of the world
    • Get your answers self-evaluated
    • Play the app both online and offline: no matter if you are connected via internet or not,
    • Facility for free game unload,
    • Facility for access to free photo editor
    • Hassle free navigation and user friendly interface,

    Download the app right now and start enjoying its question answer game as well as other value added features. Its available free of cost and the app is compatible to play on you smart android phone also…