Football Quiz




    Football Quiz is a football online quiz game where you can find Multiple Choice type questions from the different aspects of football. Football is just not a game or sport; it can even be a topic to discuss if you’re updated with latest football talks.

    User needs to choose correct answer and then press continue Button; either question is correct or wrong, you would get all answer elaborately.


    1. This is a great app for all the football lovers to know more about their favorite teams and players.
    2. Get to know all the new football terms and a good general knowledge about football.
    3. When you get a question wrong – you are immediately rectified with the correct answer.
    4. Answer can be multiple choices or entered through the numeric keypad.
    5. Shows your score at the end
    6. This is an engaging and fascinating quiz.
    At the end of the round of play, you will get the Scores and Total Questions you have played and the score of the correct Answers you have chosen.