Fun & Cool Egg Factory



Are you ready for some Fun & Cool games? Try the funnest coolest greatest game Egg Factory! It's great for Kid Gamers, Boy Gamers, Girl Gamers and even the Easter Bunny! You're sure to be addicted in this very addicting game! Proudly brought to you by Top Fun Cool Games!

Here's the game's Back Story:
The Easter Bunny has decided to take this year off and leave all the good girl gamers, good boy gamers and kid gamers in charge with the factory. Sort all the colored eggs in the right cartons or face the wrath of angry children and a disappointed bunny!(´・ω・`)

Fun and Addictive Game Play!
Use your finger of magic and create chutes to sort eggs into their
right cartons. Quickly swipe up to undo your dirty work and make sure
the eggs are delivered safely!

Why You Should Play:
-Rank at the top of your friends!
-Save Easter!
-It's FUN and Addicting! So why not? (●^o^●)

Best, fun and addicting Game for Boys / Boys Games
Boys out there can compete with your friends, classmates, schoolmates and families. Who is the best sorter of eggs?

Best, fun and addicting Game for Girls / Girls Games
Girls out there, you can compete with your friends during girls talk. Cute easter eggs are ready for you to be sorted! Which egg do you like the best? Design your own and share in the comments!

Best, fun and addicting Game for Kids / Kids Games
Kids, do you like the Easter Bunny? Want to help? We need all the help we can so start sorting and save the day! Your mommy and daddy will be proud!

Brought to you by:
Top Fun Cool Games

Have FUN!
Top Fun Cool Games brings you new games, monthly!
We're serving up a cure for your boredom one game at a time!

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