[GAME] Zipper for Kids



★ Best gift for kids. Easier and more educational than Anipang, ChaChaCha Together and Wind Runner. ★
★ It’s super easy! Open the zipper, and learn hidden words. ★

Easy dragging by hand makes studying fun and interesting.
Kids can enjoy the game by themselves with its simple design.
It’s a new educational method that, while playing with kids, they naturally memorize English words.

[Easy game play]
Open the zipper, and cute and various animals and objects will appear.
Cute animals and objects that are shown, little by little, while opening a zipper, spark kids’ curiosity.

Exact pronunciation by native speaker each stage allows kids get familiar with English words.

Let’s make kids have fun and naturally learn words with Zipper for Kids.

★ Various kinds of animals and objects
Many kinds of animals and objects don’t allow a moment of boredom.

★ Easy touch and dragging
Not boring and easily learnable design was adopted.

★ Replay support
Words learned once can be played repeatedly to boost effectiveness of repeat learning.

★ Intuitive and easy design
Neat and simple graphic design enables all functions to be performed on a single screen. Kids can easily play with its intuitive design.

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