Garbage Collection



Garbage Collection
is important to us, so we have to protect it. As a human being, it is time that
you should do something to protect our environment. Now there is a task for you which is
collecting garbage.
you think this is not a good job. However, first the garbage is not on the
ground, they drop from the sky; second, you need not to pick them up and what
you need to do is just choosing the right garbage to the right dustbin.
is a free and interesting puzzle game. You need react and touch quickly to
finish the current level to get the next level. More detailed information needs
I have said that the garbage would drop from the sky. There are four different
kinds of garbage and there are four different color dustbins which are ready
for the garbage.
Each dustbin has the mark of the garbage and you need make sure which dustbin
will contain which kind of garbage.
Let me tell you how to choose the right dustbin for the garbage. You just touch
the right dustbin on the screen and then the dropping garbage will drop into
that dustbin.
It sounds a rather simple and easy game. However, this game is not easy. The
dustbin will be added as the goes, so is the garbage. Thus the difficult will
be harder and harder. What is more, the dustbins will exchange their positions
from time to time. You will not get any indication before the exchanging.
Therefore, the game is not easy as it sounds. A good reaction is necessary in
this game.
You only have five lives in this game, that is, you have five chances. If you
choose the wrong dustbin, you will lose one life. After the five lives are all
lose, the game will stop and you lose the game.
The system will calculate the score you get in this game. You will know how
much score you can get when the game stops.
want the city you live is beautiful, right? Clearing the garbage is one very
helpful method. As a citizen, you should be in duty bound to collect the
the right dustbin for the different garbage is a helpful job to protect the
environment in your city. Now you can recycle the garbage now.
Collection is a puzzle game and it must be take a good time to you. You may
have played the Animal Keeper or Fishing Joy. This game is as good as them. Your
reaction ability will be stronger than before.
you have some leisure time, you can enjoy this game and develop your mind. This
game can be played by everyone. Of course, your kid can play this free puzzle game
to develop his mind or brain.
bet that you will love this game as long as you play it one time.
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