Garden Fruit Mania



Garden Fruit Mania is the latest and Best Garden Fruits Android game! This game has very attractive and delicious non-harvested fruits! Are you able to overcome the stages harvest!?

There are 2 Games!
Game 1- Garden Puzzle Game. Shift the blocks to the correct place!.
Game 2- Garden Fruit Block Game. Change the block to fit each other.
There are 100 levels.
Once you have completed each levels, you will love this game very much.
Tip on Scoring:
The more block you clear, the more score you will get.
Other features:
You can pause the game and resume later.
We have also include the best collection of Garden cheats, secrets, and funny videos.

There is also a chat room for players to do discussion among each other. The chat room is categorize into public, challenge discussion and bugs & reports channels.