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GravBot is an original physics-based puzzle game

  • Graphics
  • Original
  • Addictive
  • Controls should be enhanced

"Pan around"

In GravBot, instead of turn, jump or put yourself upside down, what you have to do is pan around the stage and let the gravity do the rest. You embody a bot made up by a screen and a wheel who's have to grab all batteries in the level to complete it.

It won't be such easy: you'll need to switch levers to open walls, activate elevators and other mechanism. Try to complete the level grabbing all the batteries with the less moves and you'll get the gold medal (three medal scoring system: bronze, silver and gold).

There are four different Worlds: Junk Inc., House of Spooks, Battery Park and Mars station. No need to unlock them: you can start from whichever. You can submit your best marks on online leaderboards provided by OpenFeint.

Controls are arrows for moving and for paning around. Quite intuitive although should be enhanced. Graphics are ok, enough for this kind of puzzle games. In a few words: highly playable.

Use your finger to pan around. pinch or double tap to zoom

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