Guess Picture: Minecraft



Guess Picture: Minecraft

Can you guess what is on the hidden picture? A new mind-bending picture based quiz game!

In Guess Picture: Minecraft you will face an almost entirely covered photo.

Your task is to find out exactly what is hiding by revealing as little as possible of the image!
Here is a challenging quiz game for your eyes as well as your brain!

In our application you have to guess: cat, excavator, ladybird, turtle, ship, sphinx, waterfall, snowman, train, elephant, volcano, bicycle, windmill, mermaid, crane, lion, lighthouse, palm, house, bear, snake, skull, shark, clock, fox, tractor, king, horse, helicopter, dolphin, knight, fountain, dragon, bulldozer, angel, spider, bottle, piano, rocket, crocodile, griffin, airship, castle, car, unicorn, plane, chess, bridge, fireplace, tank

Guess Picture: Minecraft is 100% free to try! If you liked “Photo Quiz,”, "4 pics 1 word" you’ll love this app!

Playing is super simple! Have a look at the covered photo and spell your answer merely by clicking on the letters you want to use.


Are you stuck? No worries! When you answer a question correctly, you’re awarded “hint coins.” With these points, you can buy hints that reveal more of the photo or a letter of the answer! If you want more hint coins, you can buy them in the store.

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