Guess The Character : Cartoon+



Guess The Character : Cartoons from exceptionally beautiful, animated posters!

Once simple poster appears, name the cartoon/animation character from it and go ahead !

We use some posters with some artwork to give you a clue so that you can get an idea about character .

1) Show letter(s)
2) Ask your facebook/twitter Friends
3) Get 7,5 or 2 options.

How to play smarter ?
1) Use Hint booster to use any hint in low cost. Eg, You can show a letter in 60 coins instead of 80.
2) Use Coin booster to win more coins and get bonus in every in app purchases.
3) Buy Plus version for more levels + more features

Points :
1) The names of the players are in English.
2) Please rate to speed up next update.
3) Email us any another players/teams by clicking on star button->report us

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