Hanging Cheat




    Hanging cheat allows you to create the hardest word for your friends to guess.

    It also predicts which letters to guess based on your friends word.

    There are 2 functions:
    -creating a word, gives you the maximum scoring word with your available letters.
    -guessing a word, enter the word to guess just as you see it on the game. eg: ????O
    as you reveal more letters, you can update the search.
    eg: AB??O
    and exclude any guessed letters in the additional box.
    When guessing your friends word, you can find a recommended letter under the GO button, which suggests the most appropriate letter based on a calculation.

    new transparent background.
    -run hangman cheat, with notifications enabled.
    -launch hanging with friends
    -once you are in hanging with friends, from the notifications bar select Hangman cheat.
    -this will allow you to see the hanging with friends through hangman cheat

    check out our website for detailed instructions

    beat your friends every single time at any Hangman type game. Easily integrates with hanging with friends.

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