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iMind games are great for fun and to work the mind! This app is perfect
for people who like brain teasers, riddles and puzzles or people who like a

The game includes 17 different types of puzzles of varying difficulty and
180 exciting, unpredictable and non-trivial levels. You definitely should
rack your brain to pass them. Among the most interesting puzzles, there are
great variants of well known childhood game Fifteen and Reversi.

With well thought-out levels, good graphics and really intriguing music and
sound effects this game will definitely grab the interest of children,
teens and adults!

WARNING!!! The game is for smart people only.

THERE IS NO BUG IN SECOND LEVEL!!! First move possible only to 1 square.
You can skip a level by pressing the left-top (reset) button 100 times.
That is not a joke.

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