Impetus - Free 3D Physics Game




    Can you throw all the boxes in the truck? Test your tapping endurance and your feel for physics!

    The goal of the game is simple: Toss the boxes by tapping on the screen continuously and throw them all in the truck using realistic physics. Every level must be completed as quickly as possible. It is more important to beat your and your friends' high scores than to complete all levels.

    Tapping near a box will generate an impulse, which throws the box into the air and towards the truck. The longer you hold your tap, the greater the impulse will be. Unlock all the challenges by gaining 1 to 3 stars in each stage, depending on how good you were in a level.

    You will be intrigued and fascinated by all the amazing new stages we are preparing for you with a new game update. Stay tuned, give us a 5-star review and help us to become the number 1 physics game in the app store! : )

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