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Become a guru of gravity and a master of motion! Addictive, cool and original - Inertia is a challenging physics game with a polished look and great gameplay!

We think our latest game 'Inertia' is one of those games that has real atmosphere. You truly get a sense of falling through the sky as you try to guide your star to the bottom of each level with the help of gravity and some rotational inertia. With a great soundtrack and polished graphics, Inertia is a cool and original physics game which players will get a great deal of satisfaction from. With lots of different obstacles along the way, six levels of addicting gameplay and an increasing level of challenge as the game progresses, Inertia is a game of skill which can be enjoyed by everyone.


use A & D to move left and right

Original Creator:

Andromedus Software
This game has been ported to android from Original Branding and advertising has been kept in tact and no alterations have been made from the original shockwave file in any way. Please email for a quick response to any inquiries.

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