Inu Boku Secret Service Puzzle



It’s a jigsaw puzzles of Inu Boku Secret Service(妖狐×僕SS) and also a collection of images.
You can set the image as wallpaper or save to SD card when you solve the puzzle.
The game is easy to get start. Just try the button on the screen. Some puzzles may be really hard
Have fun and thanks for your support (ADs)
* Set as your wallpaper;
* 62 levels / 5difficulties

Keywords: 白鬼院凛凛蝶, しらきいんりりちよ, Shirakiin Ririchiyo, 御狐神双炽, みけつかみ そうし, Miketsukami Soushi, 反之冢连胜, そりのづかれんしょう, 雪小路野蔷薇, ゆきのこうじ のら, Yukinokouji Nobara, 渡狸卍里, わたねき ばんり, Wataneki Banri , 夏目残夏, なつめ ざんげ, Natsume Zange, 青鬼院蜻蛉, しょうきいん かげろう, Shoukiin Kagerou, 髅髅宫歌留多, ろろみや かるた, Roromiya Karuta

Tags: inu boku wallpaper , karuta roromiya , inu and boku games , ろろみやかるた壁紙

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