Jelly Fun Splash



Jelly fun splash is a great game that consists of nice photos of the colourful and fun looking jellies, as much as they taste and how people love them!

This game is a popular hot new game in android that can bring you amazingly addicted to it and give syou unlimited hours of fun!

There are 4 games!

Game 1 - Jelly splash Memory Game: Test your memory by opening the matching blocks!

Game 2 - Candy Crushing Puzzle Game : 8 levels to drag the pieces into the right place to recreate the image!

Game 3 - Fruit dash Block Game: 8 levels Change the block to fit each other!

Game 4 - Candy fruit swap - Swap the fruits to clear them!

Other features:
- Check out daily jokes to start up your day!
- Chat with other gamemates and friends in the app!
- We've put together the best collection of videos of jokes and fun packed splash