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    Want to break a code and then you may get something that you can’t imagine? Here is a special lock which has a special code. Do you have interested in break its code? The key of this lock is beyond your imagination. There are six jewels which are the key.

    Now I only know that these jewels are the keys to break the code. I would like to tell you the information of the special lock. There are 36 holes on the ground and 4 holes are in a row. These 36 holes are the lock. Do you want to know how to use these jewels?

    1. The principle is that you need put the jewels into the holes. These jewels have different colors so you can classify them easily. One hole has only one jewel and once the jewel is put down into the hole, it can’t be taken out.

    2. Do you know how to put the jewels into holes? The jewels are in the bottom of the screen. When you touch one jewel, that jewel will be put into the hole. The holes will be filled one after one. You just touch the jewels.

    3. Just putting jewels into holes is not enough to open the lock. You know that one hole has a certain jewel. If you put wrong jewel into a hole, nothing happens, but you have to restart.

    4. How do you know if you put the right jewel into the right hole? There are nests in the right side. After you have finished one row, there will be birds in the nest. The black bird represents right, the white represents wrong.

    5. I have tried a great number of times but I still can’t break the code. Do you think that you can break the code and open the lock to get something?

    6. If you would like to support this puzzle game, please give it five stars or share it with your friends and families. If you meet any problem of this game or you have any good advice, please let me know. I will make this game better based on your advice.

    Jewel key is a free puzzle game. The special lock has not been opened so far because no one can break the code. Do you think that you can break that special code?

    There is a time system of the game, you can see the time on the left side in the top. If you break the code, you can know that how much time you have used. Do you think that you can break the code in two minutes?

    There are many puzzle games on the internet and you can get one easily. However, it is not very easy to get one puzzle game which you need use jewels to break a code. These jewels have different colors and shapes. You can use them as keys.

    If you have nothing to do, you can play this game; in the meantime, this game can exercise your brain and mind. You will get better logical thought.

    I hope that this game can give you a good time.