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LetterWords is an app like Letterpress - Word Game in iPhone.

You can get the same experience like Letterpress, and can play this with friends.
Letterpress Just won "best of 2012" in AppStore

In this game, you can find words, steal tiles, color the board! LetterWords is a fresh new word game for Android. The perfect blend of fun and strategy.

It's a battle for vocabulary and territory superemacy in this addictive,strategic take on word games. Find a friend, start spelling, and dominate the board one letter at a time.

I think it’s quickly become one of your favorite games on Android.

I Hope you like it:)

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thrilling duels with other players
unlimited number of simultaneous games
notification system for fast gameplay
supports phones and tablets
How to Play


Players take turns making words from a 5x5 board of letter tiles. Tap letters from anywhere on the board to assemble a word, then tap "SUBMIT" to trun those tiles your color.


Words must have at least two letters.
Words may only be played once.
Words may not be a prefix of a previously played word. For example, if Player1 plays the word "QUILTS", Player 2 cannot play "QUILT"(but "QUILTED" and "QUIT" would both be fine). Perfixes are literal, so QUART is a prefix of QUARTZ. And variations of words may be played, e.q. SHORTED after SHORT.
No proper nouns(i.e. Capitalized words),abbreviations, or acronyms.

You can protect a tile from being stolen by surrounding it with other tiles of the same color. Players may use defended tiles to make a word, but they won't change color. In the example below, both R and T are defended:

Note that defended tiles aren't permanent, they will become vulnerable if their neighbors change color.


Your score is the number of tiles that are your color. The game ends when every tile on the board has a color - or - when both players pass their turn in a round. Then the tiles are tallied, and the player with the highest score wins!

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