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All in one Memory Game is a memory game accompanied by several Stages & Level.
This game is not only a memory game but it also help you to better understand and recognize the words of different entities .
The app is a challenging app and you will take more interest in playing this great Time Killer app.
This Game also have several features and now optimized for google market.
At least try it once key features of this app are as follows...
1. 24 different Levels
2. 4 different stages(Animals,Flowers,Fruits,Colors)
3. Cool Animation.
4. Performance Check(Explore it!).
5. Image to Image and Words to Image Match.
6. Good Graphics
★ Download issues? Here are some Google-recommended solutions for this known Android Market issue:
✔ Make sure your phone is logged into Google Talk. Re-download the app.
✔ Restart your phone. Make sure there is connectivity. Re-download the app.
✔ Choose "Clear Data" (in Settings/Manage Applications/Running/Market). Re-download the app.
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