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    Memory Master is the ultimate Memory / Match-2 game for your android and will provide tons of FUN & FREE entertainment. The perfect way to spend some down-time, keep the kids entertained on those long road trips, all while improving and training your brain to increase memory skills.

    Memory Master uses Online themes to give you a never ending list of games to choose from! With the internet providing the content for the themes there are lots of different online web themes available, with more added all the time.*

    Comes with Endless-Mode option so you can play without worrying about the clock running out (also handy for younger children). Be sure to check out the Menu for all options.

    *Internet connection required since image content is found online and loaded from the Internet and not provided in this app download.

    Currently the available themes include:
    *St Patricks Day
    *Sponge Bob
    *My Little Pony
    *Ben 10
    *Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
    *Family Guy
    *Phineas and Ferb
    *Looney Tunes
    *Hello Kitty
    *Doc McStuffins
    *Furry Creatures
    *Super Heroes
    *Pirates vs Ninjas

    Again, because the theme-list and actual themes are downloaded from the internet, you don't even need to update your app to see new themes! As they become available they will simply appear in your list of available themes.

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