Mermaids Jigsaw Puzzles




    Mermaids Jigsaw Puzzles

    These amazing jigsaw puzzles - game "Mermaids" contains a large number of high quality and awesome pictures of art mermaid. These little mermaids are beauty and funny, melancholy and jolly, but always very nice, with deep beautiful eyes, open smile and enigmatic glance. Sometimes they are swimming in the depth of the sea, and play with their sea-friends – dolphins and fish. Sometimes they are sitting on the coast, looking into space and waiting to their prince. But they can not go out of the water because they don’t have legs. Instead of them they have a tail… So, most often our little mermaids are reflective and sad… On some images you can meet personages from animated cartoons and fairy-tales. All pictures are bright, colorful, unusual and unique.
    The next features are available in the jigsaw puzzle game:
    - 150 images of wonderful animated mermaids
    - Multiple difficulty levels (from easiest 3*3 to hardest 8*8).
    - Set as wallpapare feature.
    - Save to SD feature.
    - Images gallery and manual difficulty selection.
    - and much more...
    Gathering Puzzles "Mermaids" you will be absorbed into miraculous atmosphere of warmth, light and fairy-tale!
    Many different modes and pictures in the game will keep you excited and entertained for a long time. Certainly you will receive a lot of positive emotions! Choose your picture and enjoy the fun of jigsaw puzzles!

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