Millionaire Quiz



Trivia Quiz game - 12 questions, 4 possible answers, 3 helptools and 1 Million Dollar in prize.

Do you think you have the right brains and skills to become a Millionaire? Compete here on this quiz app with yourself or your friends and see who has the brain to get the furthest and win money.


We have crafted some amazing questions with 3 different difficulty levels so that you don’t get bored while playing it! If you fall into some trouble and need some extra push to go that extra mile, then we have at your disposal 3 helplines.

1. Swap Question: The game will change the question and present you with a new one. You can use this only once.
2. Ask Paul: Once you’re sure you don’t know the answer, just ask Paul and he’ll guide you towards the right answer! Most of the time.
3. Most probable answer: This option uses a super advance algorithm which will help you choose between the most probable answer

You have the freedom to share this app with your loved ones and friends or even your enemies to challenge them to become a millionaire!

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