Multi Player Reactor




    Please note: Multi Player Reactor requires the use of the internet if you choose to use the voice recognition.

    Multi Player Reactor is a fun quiz game great for family and friends, where you have to beat your opponents to the buzzer to answer the questions. This is the free version of Multi Player Reactor and is limited to 2 players and a maximum score of 250 points, but you can upgrade to the full version within the app.

    The game involves a series of questions alternating between 3 different categories, of which are guess the image, mathematics and general knowledge. The questions are both spoken out by the the computer and readable from the screen.

    If you think you know the answer, hit your buzzer first before the others do and either say or type your answer. The quicker you hit your buzzer, the more points the question is worth. On the other hand that same number of points will be taken off your score if you get it wrong. If after 30 seconds the question hasn't been answered, another question will be asked, so don't worry if you don't know the answer. Have fun!

    If you like Millionaire, Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Burst, Who becomes rich, Logo Quiz, Quisr and Trivia Burst then this app is for you.

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