NapoMemo: Come back child to grow!

what the Memory has in common with the art is the tendency to select, details attention […] Memory contains details, not the whole picture [...] (Josif Aleksandrovič Brodskij)ʺ

Afther reading this quote, without turning back, how many words can you remember?
If you can repeat the last seven words, so you are on the right way. But if you remember 9 words, you are a Knight of Memory.
If you only remember five words...we advise to download NapoMemo, because you have to increase your memory level !

The human mind is limitated, we can think seven thoughts at time, this affect our ability to process information and take a decision.
You can change this condition with mnemonic exercise.
For this reason Acrm Net has developed Napomemo, an App that challenge the memory limits.

NapoMeno make available his corner of wood to train your memory with butterflies, dragonflies, crickets and beetles; it  will guide you through the various levels  to stimulate your memory.

Napomeno is now available in two version, for baby and for Knigths of Memory, it's a mobile gym for everyone.

Observe it, memorize it, remember position and match it so you can train your mind playing, because if you want improve you need to think as a child.
Enjoy with Napomemo!

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