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    Order the balls is a very funny game that will test your intelligence and logic. The rule is simple: you have some balls and you must order them by their weight. You have a list of rules that will help you arrange them.
    For example you have the soccer ball and the tennis ball and the rules that the tennis ball is lighter than the soccer ball. This is shown in a scale and that means that you must put first the tennis ball and then the soccer ball.
    There can be 2,3 up to 6 balls (soccer, american football, basketball, tennis, pool and volley). Their weight is not as in real life (the soccer ball heavier than the tennis ball). You must determine this based on the rules that you have. So the tennis ball can be heavier than the pool ball.
    One rule is presented as a scale and in the left you can have one or more balls and in the right also. If you have more balls in the left or in the right then there weight is summed up.
    The rules can be that a ball or more balls are equal or lighter or heavier then another ball or a group of balls. All the rules are correct but it is not necessary that every rule will help you. Some of them are just to miss guide you and make some levels more difficult.
    This game is great for kids to learn more about mathematics and logics. In basics every level is created based on logical and mathematical equations. Every ball is a variable and there is the sum operator sum up the weight of 2 or more balls and the compare operators: equal, greater than and smaller than.
    We have 300 levels and stay close more will come. The last ones use only equal as an operator.
    This is a free ad supported game. For improvements and bugs please contact the develop team.

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